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ISBP CONFERENCE 2013 “Attachment, the essence of relationship.” – Brugge, Belgium

Juni 7/2013 – Juni 9/2013
Grootseminarie Brugge, Potterierei 72
Brugge, 8000 Belgium

A central theme of BP is that humans have a biologically based need for emotional and physical closeness to others. The ability to fulfill this need is an important component in developing a secure attachment in relationships. The conference will deal with the themes of bonding needs, attachment and interpersonal relationships.

Pottereierei 72, 8000 Brugge (Belgium)

Scientific Committee
Jeff Gordon (Germany)
Dr.Martien Kooyman (the Netherlands)
Johan Maertens (Belgium)
Bogdan Polajner (Slovenia)
Chairman of the Conference:
Johan Maertens
Moniek Van Deile

Presentations, PDFs and Videos

The Added Value of Attachment Theory for Clinical Work with Families

Dr. Phil. Karin Grossmann (Germany) The anthropologist Sarah B. Hrdy provides ample evidence from mammalian and human studies that “Maintaining maternal commitment was once as important for an infant’s survival ...
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Time and Relationship in Bonding-Psychotherapy

Dr. Godehard Stadtmüller (Germany) The timeframe is crucial in every existential change – in changing relationships between subjects as well as in intrasubjective change. In this presentation we will ...
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The impact of Integrative Breathwork Psychotherapy on the Psychosomatic Status of Breast Cancer Patients

Alicja Heyda MA (Poland) Authors: Alicja Heyda, Marek K Jurkowski, Andrzej Czuba, Magdalena Głowala-Kosińska, Krzysztof Składowski
Maria Sklodowska – Curie Memorial Cancer Center and Institute of Oncology Gliwice Branch, PolandA growing body of evidence shows that early life ...
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A scream away from happiness!? When hope and risks are close together. Bonding Psychotherapy with traumatizedclients.

Daniela Feuerhak – Ute Schreckenberg (Germany) In practice, we are encountering increasing numbers of patients who suffer from the implications of traumatizing conditions, and traumatizing bonds ...
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The learning process, the attachment and the body in movement.

Ariela Fischer – Alejandro González (Argentina) The therapeutic process involves learning; this learning process takes place in a relationship in which the corporality and the ...
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Actualization of delict prevention, a confronting treatment of sexual offenders.

Ameon Struyk (The Netherlands) Yesterday’s victims are tomorrow’s perpetrators. A doomed statement, which often turns out to be true. In these cases there’s often unresolved ...
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Treatment Concept of a Psychosomatic Clinic (108 patients) in Bavaria where whole families are treatet in a clinical setting.

Dr. Reinhart Mumm (Germany) Elements of the concept are Therapeutic community, Bonding Psychotherapy, Systemic Family Therapy and Parent-Child-Binding-Therapy.Special attention is given to the interaction of ...
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Experiential workshop on moving and emotions.

Ramon Vega (Argentina) Contact and body movement with music produces a real and nurturing connection with others, giving the opportunity to feel safe in the ...
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Autism and attachment

Dr. Bram Sizoo (The Netherlands) Autism spectrum disorders (ASD) are developmental conditions that are diagnosed in childhood with presenting problems in areas of social communication and social ...
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Sexual abuse and bonding psychotherapy

Dr. Martien Kooyman (The Netherlands) An overview will be given of the signs and symptoms of sexual abuse in children and the psychological consequences in ...
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Workshop on the Theory of Bonding Psychotherapy

Dr. Martien Kooyman, Rob Olij, Rob Storm and Caroline de Vaynes van Brakel Buys (The Netherlands) This intensive and effective form of group psychotherapy was ...
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Results of actual oxytocin research in relation to attachment and possible connections with bonding

Alexander Müller (Germany) The neuropeptides Oxytocin, which among many other psychological constructs like social behaviour, maternal care, trust, social memory, face recognition, stress reactivity in ...
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Start up Bonding-Psychotherapy!

Tobias Wenge (Germany) First experiences about how to establish Bonding-Psychotherapy in the “Barbarossa-Clinic for Addicts” in Kelbra/Germany with accompanying clinical research. First results of our ...
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“Group members and therapists as a correcting healing experience of pathological symbiosis”

Aspects of Yalom’s group therapy theory in relation to the powerful effects of bonding. Martin Johais (Germany) First a general illustration of the therapy aim ...
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Voice Liberation

Doris Saslavsky (Argentina) I start teaching some techniques which enable us to feel how we use our mouth, tongue and throat to produce sound, to ...
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Fifteen Years of Bonding Psychotherapy in Argentina

Silvia García – Ramon Vega (Argentina) We intend to share our experience of how we constructed the NIP group identity in Argentina.  In Brasil and ...
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Evolution of Bonding Psychotherapy

Dr. Konni Stauss (Germany) I will present a short summary of the evolution of Bonding Psychotherapy from the beginning to 2013 and give some personally ...
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