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Experiential workshop on moving and emotions.

Ramon Vega (Argentina)

Contact and body movement with music produces a real and nurturing connection with others, giving the opportunity to feel safe in the close encounter with others in the group. This produces a state of inner and outer relaxation and trust, lowering the levels of stress, and bringing up the levels of endorfins and oxitocyn, People feel a high level of pleasure and harmony letting themselves go with the music and their body expressions, giving them a sense of security and love for one self.

Ramon Nestor Vega is a specialist in emotional educational work and has training andexperience in the treatment of addictions. His training started in 1986 with Psychodrama, Gestalt, Neurolinguistics, Bioenergetics, Biosynthesis, and as a teacher in Body Work, itcontinues as a Sociotherapeut. (He currently studies in Argentina and in Italy, in Rome) Ramon is founder of the Therapeutic Community Ancoradouro in Brazil, and he is a teachingfellow of Bonding Psychotherapy and President of the Argentina Chapter of BondingPsychotherapy called El Abrazo-Primario, and has been integrating Bonding Psychotherapyand body movement for years. He has presented this combination at the last three European Society meetings.