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Workshop only in Italian: "Three hours conference with Doctor Godehard Stadtmüller!"

Physician, Specialized in Neurology and Psychiatry, Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy, Teaching Fellow of International Society for Bonding Psychotherapy, Member of the Editorial Board of the International Journal of Pshychotherapy.

Sette Conferenze su Piattaforma Zoom, sabato pomeriggio, h.15.00 – 18.00, tre ore di collegamento con pausa intermedia. Le conferenze saranno tenute in Italiano.

Giorni: 27 giugno, 25 luglio, 22 agosto 26 settembre, 31 0ttobre, 21 novembre 19 dicembre (incontro da confermare se via zoom o con un incontro dal vivo) 2020.

La struttura dell’incontro prevede la presentazione e introduzione dell’argomento da parte del dr. Stadtmüller seguito dal confronto e scambio aperto con tutti i partecipanti. Apprendimento teorico e confronto pratico con condivisione ed esperienze personali per la crescita personale e per il perfezionamento del proprio lavoro sociale e terapeutico. Un tempo dedicato per emozione e spiritualità.

Gruppi: massimo 15 persone


  • Incontro 1: Attaccamento primario a madre/padre (contatto e appartenenza) collegato alla pratica Bonding a tre.
  • Incontro 2: Legami affettivi e conflitti di autonomia nell’adolescenza, prima fonte di frustrazione e rottura di determinati riferimenti e atteggiamenti.
  • Incontro 3: l’Età degli amori, paure, rabbie, dolori e piaceri nei legami amorosi, che dovrebbero essere liberi e progettuali, sia nelle relazioni che nelle espressioni d’amore.
  • Incontro 4: Tensioni e conflitti di coppia, senso di comprensione, confronto, riconciliazione e perdono continuo.
  • Incontro 5: Amore per sé e amore per gli altri, nella vita adulta.
  • Incontro 6: Le radici della rabbia e del dolore nei rapporti di lavoro disfunzionali.
  • Incontro 7: la sofferenza nella malattia e nei prodromi emozionali in vista della morte, parole e realtà messa da parte, ma salita alla massima visibilità con Covid-19.

Quota di Partecipazione: Euro 40.00 persona/per ogni singola conferenza. La partecipazione è consigliata per tutto il ciclo, ma sono ammesse anche partecipazioni a singole conferenze a seconda della disponibilità dei posti.

La quota deve essere pagata con bonifico bancario a:
Fondazione Progetto Uomo prima di ogni conferenza usando il seguente conto:
Iban: IT 61 J 02008 11910 000040722826, Causale: Liberalità Godehard

Coordinatore e iscrizioni: Daniele Furlan, tel.335 1801808, mail:
Amministrazione: Silvia Piaia, tel. 0437 950 895, mail:

Physician, Specialised in Neurology and Psychiatry, Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy, Teaching Fellow of International Society for Bonding Psychotherapy, Member of the Editorial Board of the international Journal of Psychotherapy.

Seven conferences using Zoom platform, Saturday afternoons from 15.00 to 18.00 with a short break in between.

Venue days: 27th of June, 25th of July, 22nd of August, 26th of September, 31st of October, 21st of November, 19th of December (this meeting will be confirmed either using Zoom or a live meeting in Belluno), 2020.

The conferences will be started with a theoretical learning introduction and presentation of each day topic by Doctor Stadtmüller, followed by group confrontation and all participants’ sharing. The purpose is to achieve growth in our personal life experience and to implement our social or therapeutic work. A time devoted to emotions and spirituality.

Groups: maximum 15 people


  1. meeting: Primary attachment mother/children (contact and belonging) related with the method of 3 people bonding.
  2. meeting: Affective bonds and autonomy conflicts during adolescence, first frustration experience and breaking of reference linkages and attitudes.
  3. meeting: Time of loves, fears, rages, pains and pleasures in the first loving relationships which should be free and future planning, both in relationships and love expressions.
  4. meeting: Couple tensions and conflicts, comprehension attitude, confrontation, reconciliation and forgiveness.
  5. meeting: Love for oneself and for others in the adult life.
  6. meeting: rage and pain cause roots in the dysfunctional working relationships.
  7. meeting: The suffering in the sickness and in the emotional warnings for death, wording and skipped reality amplified by Covid-19

Participation fee: Euro 40.00 person/meeting.
Fee must be paid to Fondazione Progetto Uomo prior any meeting to the following: Iban IT 61 J 02008 11910 000040722826, Causal: Liberalità Godehard

Bonding Psychotherapy - Evening Group in Berlin! 🔴 Passed

May 22/2020 –  May 24/2020

This workshop will be Lead by Ramon Vega (Argentina Association on Bondingpsychotherapy)
Co-workers Lieve Thienpont (Belgium) & Caroline Buys (The Netherlands)

Dates 22, 23 and half day 24 of May 2020

Bonding, circle work and body orientated exercises, like special movement circle to prepare to work in Bonding, to experience attachement with yourself and the other from being in contact with yourself. An opportunity and invitation to work on yourself being bondingtherapist, member in training and also for people who are interested or already known with Bondingpsychotherapy. During this workshop you stay internal in a dormitory, also possible to book another place to spend the night, close to the centre, meals are taking care of in the centre in Belgium.

Information and inscription for this workshop: send an email to:

Bondingpsychotherapy Workshop - Portugal 2019 🔴 Passed


This is the last workshop of the 2019 course

We will talk about Conclusion of Konrad Stauss’s book and the 2nd year of the course.

For more information send an email to, visit the website or fill the form.

International Bondingpsychotherapy Workshop - Belgium 2019 🔴 Passed

Astrid Vlamynck is offering a Bonding Psychotherapy Evening Group – once each month

Jul 11/2019 | Aug 8/2019 | Sep 12/2019 |  Oct 10/2019 | Nov 14/2019 | Dec 12/2019

For more information send an email to: or visit

International Workshop - Amesterdam 2019 🔴 Passed

Nov 30/2019 & Dec 1/2019

A new International Workshop is coming!

It will be 2 days in Amsterdam (30/11 and 1/12), already this year!

We will deal with the Schema theory, mentioned in the book of Konni Stauss and co-author Skip Ellis, also practical exercises will support this theory workshop.

Are you interested? Registration and all information in this form.  Any question: send and email to:

Educational weekend with Skip Ellis - Slovenia 2019 🔴 Passed

Nov 22/2019 – Nov 24/2019

The event is intended for all therapists who want to get to know the Emotional schema more closely, and want to be trained and want to get experimental work with Forgiveness related to the unresolved emotional bussiness.
We will also get a review and update of the theory of bonding psychotherapy to include aspects of polyvagal theory, emotional focused therapy by Les Greenberg, and one of the methods of expressing anger and confrontation.

About Skip:
Skip is a licensed clinical social worker specializing in depth psychotherapy with adult individual, couples, and groups. He is a Bonding Psychotherapy Teaching Fellow and one of the few Bonding “grandfathers” who knew Dan Casriel, the founder of
Bonding Psychotherapy. While he was president of both the American and International Societies of BP, he helped Konni Stauss develop and co-authored the book, “Bonding Psychotherapy: Theoretical Foundations and Methods” (2007). He has been running BP groups, workshops, retreats, and trainings since 1984.

He brings a diverse and rich background into his work as a psychotherapist. He has training and experience in ecological systems-based couples therapy, emotionally focused therapy, attachment-based therapy, polyvagal-informed therapy, neuro-linguistic programming, Ericksonian hypnosis, communication/negotiation skills, transactional analysis, self-relations psychotherapy, EMDR, and Gestalt therapy. He has been part of an ongoing meditation group and supervision group on the integration of eastern philosophy in western psychotherapy since 1986. In addition to his therapy background, Mr. Ellis has experience as an officer in US Navy and as an environmental engineer.

– Educational weekend (3 days) = 270€ for chapter members, 300€ for non-members
– One day of educational weekend = 100€ for chapter members, 110€ for non-members

For more info visit  or send an email to

Educational weekend will be in English.

Workshop in Berlin 2019 🔴 Passed

Oct 3/2019 –  Oct 6/2019

For more information send an email to: or visit

 Read about workshop here


May 25/2019 – May 26/2019
Belunno, Italy

The next board meeting is coming!

It will happen in Belunno at 25th – 26th of May 2019

We will talk about:
1. The new ISBP statutes
2. Membership Criteria
3. Internet/Social Media presence
4. International training workshops
5. Criteria for Teaching Fellow
6. The ISBP conference in 2021
7. Requirements for Bonding Psychotherapy to be recognised by the European Association for Psychotherapy (EAP)

Stay tuned.


October 27/2018
Address: Rua Sargento José Paulo dos Santos, nº25,1800-330 Lisboa – Portugal
In this workshop we will finish the study of Casriel book  “A Scream Away From Happiness”.  Besides that our students – mental health professionals – will share their clinical cases. If your are interested please save your place here or contact the Portuguese Association of Emotional and Bonding Psychotherapy: +351 919 365 614 


May 25/2018 – May 27/2018
Hotel 3K Barcelona, R. Laura Alves 10 Lisbon, 1050-138 Portugal 

Bonding Psychotherapy: 50 years of history and a look to the future

Bonding therapy was founded by Daniel Casriel and has been practiced since 1968, the date of the book “A Scream away from Happiness”.

Behind us, we now have 50 years of permanent practice, in 10 countries around the world.

At this turning point of our history, we need to deepen the scientific basis of bonding therapy and find new ways of organization and action to spread this magnificent practice to different parts of the world.

ESBP CONFERENCE 2016 “The New Relation” – Kelbra, Germany 🔴 Passed

October 21/2016 – October 23/2016
Barbarossa-Klinik, Kelbra – Germany, Lange Str. 111 
Kelbra, 06537 Germany

The European Bonding Society as pleased to invite you to the 2016 European Conference „The New Relation“. It is hosted by the beautiful Barbarossa-Klinik in Kelbra, Germany, a historically rich region with great nature. Frank Uhlmann, Director of the hospital, supplies Bonding-therapy for the treatment of addictions.

ESBP CONFERENCE 2014 – Belas, Portugal 🔴 Passed

October 3/2014 – October 5/2014
Quinta do Senhor da Serra, Belas – Portugal, Praça 5 de Outubro 
Belas, 2605 Portugal 

“Emotional Psychotherapy – Bonding, Attachment and the Body in Psychotherapy.” The European Society for Bonding Psychotherapy invites you for the next European Bonding Conference on 3-5 October 2014 in Belas (near Lisbon) Portugal.

ISBP CONFERENCE 2013 “Attachment, the essence of relationship.” – Brugge, Belgium 🔴 Passed

June 7/2013 – June 9/2013
Grootseminarie Brugge, Potterierei 72
Brugge, 8000 Belgium

A central theme of BP is that humans have a biologically based need for emotional and physical closeness to others. The ability to fulfill this need is an important component in developing a secure attachment in relationships. The conference will deal with the themes of bonding needs, attachment and interpersonal relationships.