Sexual abuse and bonding psychotherapy

Dr. Martien Kooyman (The Netherlands)

An overview will be given of the signs and symptoms of sexual abuse in children and the psychological consequences in later life.

Sexual abuse during childhood usually leads to a wide range of serious psychological consequences. Some inform the therapists of the sexual abuse at their intake. Others experience memories, often body memories of the sexual abuse during the bonding sessions on the mats. When the therapist is sensitive to the often overwhelming and frightening experiences when the traumatic situations are relived during the bonding sessions, but now in a safe environment,retraumatization can be prevented. Bonding psychotherapy when carefully applied can be a good method to have these clients regain the trust in themselves and others.

Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist
He has been trained in bonding psychotherapy by its founder: Daniel Casriel. He is Teaching Fellow of the International Society for Bonding Psychotherapy, Board Member of the International and European Society for Bonding Psychotherapy (ISBP/ESBP) and co-founder and President of the Flemish-Dutch Association for Bonding Psychotherapy.

He was the founder and medical director of several therapeutic communities for addiction and also of treatment centres for traumatized refugees in The Netherlands.

He has been lecturer at the Department of Preventive and Social Psychiatry of the Erasmus University in Rotterdam.

He has been active in training Bonding Psychotherapists in The Netherlands, Italy and Argentina. He works as supervisor in Bonding Psychotherapy. He has a private practice in Rotterdam. In 2011 he received the Daniel Casriel Award of the International Society for Bonding Psychotherapy for his years of work, commitment and vision for the ISBP.

At present he is, amongst others, Member of the Advisory Council for The Minister of Justice on Prison Detention and Youth Protection and Vice President of EURAD, an European Foundation for Prevention and Treatment of Addiction to Drugs.
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