“The Biological Correlates of Emotions” Dr. Godehard Stadtmüller & Jeffrey A. Gordon (Germany) International Journal of Psychotherapy: 2011, Vol. 15, No. 3, pp. 6-24: ISSN 1356-9082 © Author and European ...
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Theoretical Foundations and Methods Konrad Stauss, M.D. In consultation with and edited by Franklin W. “Skip“ Ellis, May 2007 Dr. Konrad Stauss, developed the theory of Bonding Psychotherapy and new ...
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2011: Müller Alexander :”Changes in Oxytocin reactivity and reduction of psychopathology” – Buenos Aires 2011 [Download PDF] 2009 : Müller Alexander: “Oxytocin and depth level of emotions”- International Conference Bad Grönenbach ...
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