American Society for Bonding Psychotherapy

The American Society for Bonding Psychotherapy (ASBP), the official organization of Bonding Psychotherapy, is a community of professionals and lay-persons interested in the research, promotion, and preservation of this unique method of psychotherapy. Membership in ASBP is open to all. It has been in existence for over 30 years, (formerly as the New Identity Process) and decided to change its name in 2001 to Bonding Psychotherapy, along with the International and European Societies, to more accurately describe the psychotherapeutic method.

You will find links to therapists who have been trained and certified to lead and facilitate Bonding Psychotherapy groups and workshops, as well as profiles about each therapist. You will also find a listing of events, workshops, ongoing groups, and meetings. If you want to become a member, please see the link to membership. We offer training for licensed therapists who would like to learn more about Bonding Psychotherapy.

Teaching fellows

Franklin ‘Skip’ W. Ellis, LCSW-C
258 West Meadowland Lane
Sterling, Virginia 20164
Tel.: 703-304-0658
Email: skipellis@gmail.com

Ginny Hurney, LCSW-C
13501 Belle Chase Blvd., Unit 413
Laurel, Maryland 20707
Tel.: 301-704-7155

Laurette Harvey, LCSW-C
10120 Crestwood Rd.
Kensington, Maryland 20895
Tel.: 301-530-2851 or 301-646-2099
Email: laurettenat@earthlink.net  

Paul Komatinsky, LCSW-R
81 Seminary Avenue
Binghamton, New York 13905
Tel.: 607-729-8410
Email: pkomatinsky@aol.com


Christine Alam, LCSW-C
21351 Gentry Drive, suite 250
Sterling, Virginia
Tel.: 571-224-8436
Email: christinealam@gmail.com
Homepage: www.christinealam.com

Elizabeth Anderson, LCSW-C
4827 Virginia Street
Alexandria, Virginia 22312
Tel.: 703-941-8089
Email: eanderson@verison.net

Terry Cole LMSW, Retired
26 spring Street
Newark Valley, New York 13811
Email: coleterry779@aol.com

Linda Harter DeVeau, LCPC
18602 Meadowland Terrace
Olney, Maryland 20832
Tel.: 301-260-0583
Email: laharter@msn.com
Once a week Bonding Psychotherapy group

Michael Hurney, LCSW-C
13501 Belle Chase Blvd. , Unit 413
Laurel, Maryland 20707
Tel.: 301-704-6190
Email: mlhurney@verison.net

Michael Glen Keith, LCSW-C
6538 Orland Street
Falls Church, Virginia
Tel.: 703-536-1736
Email: glenkeith123@aol.com
Homepage: www.businessworksinc.com

Peter S. Schroeder, LCSW-C
5 Earle Avenue
Easton, Maryland 21601
Tel.: 703-862-7861
Email: nipeter@aol.com

Robert S. Seiler Jr, LCSW-C
4211 Tuckerman Street
University Park, Maryland 20782
Tel.: 301-706-2895
Email: rsseilerjr55@gmail.com
Homepage: www.robertsseilerjr.com

Donald R. Sibley Jr, LCSW
PO Box 396
Windsor, New York 13865
Tel.: 607-621-7183
Email: donaldsibley60@gmail.com

Kaitlin Waldrip, LCSW-C
5 Earle Avenue
Easton, Maryland 21601 (Eastern Shore and Annapolis area)
Tel.: 443-786-0073
Email: kwaldrip@goeaston.net
Homepage: www.kwaldriptherapy.com

Ongoing Groups in the United States



Adult Group

Presenter: Kaitlin Waldrip, LCSW-C
Ongoing BP Group for Men and Women
Contact: Kaitlin Waldrip for more information
Tel.: 443-786-0073

New York

Johnson City New York

Adult Group

Presenter(s) Paul Komatinsky LCSW-R and Donald R Sibley Jr. LCSW
Ongoing Group for Men and Women
Contact: Paul Komatinsky 607-729-8410



Adult Groups
3 Groups Weekly

Presenter (s): Skip Ellis, LCSW-C and Laurette Harvey, LCSW-C on Mondays
Ongoing BP Groups for Men and Women
Contact: Skip Ellis 703-304-0658


Adult Group

Presenter(s): Christine Alam LCSW-C and Michael Glen Keith LCSW-C
Ongoing Group for Men and Women
Contact: Michael Glen Keith 703-536-1736

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