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Fifteen Years of Bonding Psychotherapy in Argentina

Silvia García – Ramon Vega (Argentina)

We intend to share our experience of how we constructed the NIP group identity in Argentina.  In Brasil and then Buenos Aires since the year 1995 …. with  Ramon Vega, and in San Louis, a city 800 km distant from Buenos Aires, since 2003.

Since then in these two cities, besides accompanying a significant number of people applying for our intervention, we are training therapists in Bonding Psychotherapy.

In addition to the common variables in any Bonding group in our history there are some facts that we want to share which have allowed to incorporate useful resources to work on the fulfillment of basic needs.

Ramon Nestor Vega

Ramon Nestor Vega (Argentina) is a specialist in emotional educational work and has training and experience in the treatment of addictions. His training started in 1986 with Psychodrama, Gestalt, Neurolinguistics, Bioenergetics, Biosynthesis, and as a teacher in Body Work, it continues as a socio therapist. (He currently studies in Argentina and in Italy, in Rome )

Ramon is founder of the Therapeutic Community Ancoradouro in Brazil, and he is President of the Argentina Chapter of Bonding Psychotherapy called El Abrazo-Primario, and has been integrating Bonding Psychotherapy and body movement for years. He has presented thiscombination at the last three European Society meetings and has received an enthusiastic response to his work.

Silvia Ester Garcia

Silvia Ester Garcia was born in San Luis (Argentina), where she currently resides, after living in Buenos Aires. She has a Psychology degree (Licenciatura) from Universidad Nacional de San Luis in 1978. Since then, she has worked in clinical settings and private practice, trained in Rorschach Psychodiagnostics, Symbolic Psychotherapy (Guided day dream), Gestalt Therapy, Psycho-Corporal Techniques. She has also taught Development Psychology at various levels in Buenos Aires and San Luis.

For the last ten years, Silvia has been training in Bonding Psychotherapy with Ramon Vega and participated in theoretical workshops by MartienKooyman, Lina Pontari, Ingemar Arn, Skip Ellis, Godehard Stadmuller and Ramon Vega.

Her therapeutic processes include: Psychoanalysis, Psychodrama, Guided day dream, Bioenergetic Analysis, Gestalt Therapy and twelve years and current in Bonding Psychotherapy. Since 2009, she has been practicingHolotropic Breathwork with Doris Saslavsky.

She is the manager and coordinator of “Estudio Kayros”, member of the Bonding Psychotherapy Association in Argentina, where she is currently assisting clients in individual sessions, coordinating weekly groups and a weekly Expressive Movement class. She also coordinates BP training for therapists from San Luis and Mendoza and supervises their clinical work. She has been coordinating BP groups in San Luis since 2008. In September 2011, she completed the training for Fellow of the ISBP.