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Results of actual oxytocin research in relation to attachment and possible connections with bonding

Alexander Müller (Germany)

The neuropeptides Oxytocin, which among many other psychological constructs like social behaviour, maternal care, trust, social memory, face recognition, stress reactivity in social situations, is claimed to be involved in attachment. From an empirical point of view, only little is known about the manner people experience bonding processes and about the function of specific neuropeptides during these processes. Among other hormones and neurotransmitters oxytocin could be a candidate playing an important role, which is engaged in the endo- crinological modulation during these processes.

The presentation is showing new results related to oxytocin and attachment and additionally tries to find connectivity with the topic of bonding psychotherapy. It also shortly reintroduces results from research concerning oxytocin and bonding.

Born 1977 in Worms

Professional education:
1994-1997 “Trained retail salesman”
April 1999- September 2003 “Investment adviser” (self employment)
October 2009-today “Leading assistant of management in the “Psychotherapie-Akademie Hessen” (academy for psychotherapy)

Academic studies:
October 2003- September 2008 “Study of psychology” (Justus-Liebig-University, Gießen) September 2005 “Bachelor of science”
September 2008 “Master of science” (Diploma)
October 2009 -now “Therapeutical Education in the “Psychotherapie-Akademie Hessen” (approbation for Psychodymanic Psychotherapy)

Practical experience:
March 2006- April 2006 “Internship in Bad Herrenalb”
February 2007-April 2007 “Internship in Baden Baden (Nexus Klinik)
October 2009- June 2010 „Internship as psychologist in a policlinical psychosomatic ambulance”
September 2010-September 2011- “Internship as psychologist for bipolar disorders and schizophrenia in a psychiatry”
October 2011-today-“Therapist in a clinic for psychosomatic rehabilitation and responsible team-member for treating eating-disorders”