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Time and Relationship in Bonding-Psychotherapy

Dr. Godehard Stadtmüller (Germany)

The timeframe is crucial in every existential change – in changing relationships between subjects as well as in intrasubjective change. In this presentation we will consider the following points:

  • Specific situations in time as momentum for development.
  • Do we reach a level in therapy that we may aptly call the eternal present?
  • The present considered under its neurobiological aspects.
  • How to create (I.e. help the client to create) the moment of kairos? And how this moment may be used.
  • The impact of intensity and duration of full body expression.

Dr. Godehard Stadtmüller

Dr. Godehard Stadtmüller is a medical doctor with specialties in psychiatry, psychotherapy, neurology and psychosomatic medicine. He is a supervisor and docent of the German Society for Depth Psychology based Psychotherapy.

He is also a docent in the following institutes: the Centre of Integrative Psychotherapy (CIP), Munich; the South German Academy of Psychotherapy (SAP); and the Centre of Systemic Teaching, Research and Therapy (SySt), Munich. Dr Stadtmüller is a hypnotherapist and a Teaching Fellow of the International Society for Bonding Psychotherapy.

He can be contacted at: Hauptstr. 9, 87538 Fischen, Germany;