The goal of the Flemish Dutch Association for Bonding Psychotherapy (Vereniging voor Bondingpsychotherapie) is to support and promote the development and practice of Bonding Psychotherapy.  A further aim of the Society is offering guidelines and training for Bonding Psychotherapy therapists.
Our websites in the Dutch language ( bondingpsychotherapie.nl and bondinpsychotherapie.be) give information on the method, literature and therapists offering bonding psychotherapy. The Flemish Dutch Association for Bonding Psychotherapy was founded in 1983 by psychotherapists from Flanders (the Dutch-speaking part of Belgium) and the Netherlands, who were trained in the method.

The association is associated as a chapter with the International and the European Associations for Bonding Psychotherapy. The European Association for Bonding Psychotherapy is a member of the European Association for Psychotherapy (E.A.P.).

Teaching fellows

Kooyman Martien
President VBP & ISBP vote Email: martienkooyman@gmail.com
Solveig van der Hoeven
Member VBP (temporary secretary task)
Email: shoeven@xs4all.nl
Hans van Wechem
Member VBP (temporary secretary task)
Email: vanwechempraktijk@gmail.com


Celine van Mastrigt Email: celineinfo@sameninverbinding.nl
Aryeh Knoppers Email: aryehknoppers74@gmail.com
Ellen van der Burg Email: evdburg@casema.nl

Honorary Members

Jan Vrolijk
Email: vrolijk@xs4all.nl
Johan Maertens
Email: johan@jmaertens.be
Moniek van Deile
Email: moniekvandeile@hotmail.com

Institute Therapists

Eef Veenman Email: eef.e.veenman@osghengelo.nl

Members in Training

Hannah Aandewiel Email: hannah@aandewiel.nl
Tanja Caradonna
Email: tanja@pit-begeleiding.nl
Caroline de Vaynes van Brakell Buys
Email: carbuys@online.nl
Vanvooren Marc
Email: marc.vanvooren@gmail.com
Marcella Tam Email: marcellatam@live.nl
Inge Kooyman Email: ingekooyman@gmail.com
Annelies Koudstaal Email: Akoudstaal@kpnmail.nl
Natasja Vos Email: natasjavos@yahoo.com