International board

Voting procedure:
2 board members max, for every chapter.
1 vote more for 15-30 members, with more than 30 members, 2 votes more.

Each chapter to name as many delegates to the Board up to the number of votes they have.  Smaller chapters would then have up to two reps, and larger ones could appoint up to four persons as reps (in the case of Germany, for instance). The number of votes that each chapter has would not change.

Internacional Board

Martien Kooyman Email:
Solveig van der Hoeven Email:
Anders Seim Email:
Odette Lassonczyk Email:
Markus Hener Email:
Michael Schall Email:
Carlo Kreiner Email:
Silvio Quirico Email:
Marcello Kreiner Email:
Paul Komatinsky Email:
Donald Sibley Email:
Inger Johannson, TF Email:
Bo Göran, F Email:
Domingos Neto. Email:
Francisco Henriques Email:
Bogdan Polajner Email:
Neza Blazi Email:

Executive Committee

Paul Komatinsky, Domingos Neto, Donald Sibley, Laurette Harvey, Odette Lassonckyk