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“Group members and therapists as a correcting healing experience of pathological symbiosis”

Aspects of Yalom’s group therapy theory in relation to the powerful effects of bonding.

Martin Johais (Germany)

First a general illustration of the therapy aim of self-regulation and emotional balance will be given for understanding the general psychotherapeutic work.

Then the specific eleven efficient factors in group psychotherapy (after Yalom’s research) will be presented and explained.

The context to the old family system and pathological symbiosis (parentification, role in the family system, fixations, projections – partly and total, identifications, symbiotic thinking,..), which appear in here-and-now in the group, will be correlated to the  factors.

The problem of clearing reality and old patterns will be connected to the intensity of cohesion, trust in the therapists and openness of the member. The task of the therapists to alternate limits and space to give enough protection on one side and enough room to self development can provoke power plays and drama triangles. The danger of  power abuse and the problem of subjectivity and objectivity will be explained (consensual validation, defense reaction of  the respective attachment type).

The effect of a caring, straight and accepting therapeutic manner as a model of good parent behavior and help to create a healing atmosphere will be underlined.

The special effects of bonding psychotherapy as a correction to a natural symbiosis will be shown step by step in order to age development state. The different measure of protection will be correlated to the steps. Differences respectively differentiations to Yalom’s points of view in relation to bonding psychotherapy will be mentioned.

Martin Johais, born in 1956, Medical specialist in Neurology, Psychiatry and Psychotherapeutic Medicine, former assistant Medical Director of a Psychiatric Clinic, in own medical practice since 1989 with my wife Claudia, Medical Psychotherapist and Bonding Psychotherapist, long term knowledge about Bonding Psychotherapy since 1984.

Main interests: to teach Bonding Psychotherapy in a way, to unify different psychotherapeutic points of view and to correlate therapeutic and spiritual dimensions.