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Criteria and Procedure for ISBP Teaching Fellow May 26, 2019

Entering Training

  1. In order to begin training to become a Teaching Fellow (TF), the candidate must be presented to the ISBP Credentials Committee (CC) by two TFs. The applicant must be a Fellow and have led BP groups regularly.
  2. The ISBP CC will contact the National CC president and verify they are in agreement with the candidature. If the National CC is in agreement, and the ISBP CC deems the candidate to be personally and professionally qualified to begin training to become a TF, the candidate acquires the status of TF-in-Training.


  1. The applicant must have a master’s degree or higher in human sciences and be in good standing in their field.
  2. The applicant must be sponsored by two TFs who are familiar with the applicant’s work. One sponsor (primary sponsor) will be the supervisor who has had a working relationship with the applicant for at least two years and has had a chance to observe the work over time.  Supervision includes addressing all significant issues: primacy of client care, ethical behavior, collegiality, assessment, personal standards, etc.  The second sponsor needs to have experienced the candidate in his or her capacity as trainer either through supervision and/or through attendance while the candidate works with his/her trainees or teaches the method.
  3. The applicant must be a Fellow and have led BP groups on an ongoing basis, both for at least 160 hours.
  4. The applicant has agreed to be involved in consultation with and teaching and supervision of trainees as needed in collaboration with a TF. The applicant must demonstrate an ability to teach and guide prospective new Fellows in all aspects of the training as needed.  The applicant agrees to continue in this role as a TF to support the growth and development of the society.
  5. The applicant has contributed to the knowledge base of BP or the professional vitality of the organization. The sponsoring TF will agree with the contribution.
  6. In order to get a general impression of the professional and personal qualifications of the applicant, the applicant must attend an interview with at least three members of the Credentials Committee. If too few members of the CC are available, other TFs can be assigned ad hoc to do the interview.  The three TFs must agree on the qualifications of the applicant.

Procedure for certification

  1. The two TF sponsors contact the ISBP Credentials Committee to present the applicant. Certification of the TFs is the sole jurisdiction of the ISBP.
  2. The sponsors present the applicant to the ISBP Credentials Committee with a written recommendation in which all requirements are attested and described. This presentation of the candidate must be done in a timely fashion, at least 8 weeks before the interview is to take place.
  3. If the applicant is deemed qualified, the committee accepts the applicant as candidate for certification as TF.
  4. The interview is set up by the Credentials Committee.
  5. Notice of the applicant’s name, curriculum and sponsors and the date of the interview must be made in a timely fashion (at least 4 weeks before a planned interview) through email or in the newsletter/website. Every society member can give their remarks to the ISBP Board before the date of the interview.
  6. As a rule, the International Board accepts the decision from the Credentials Committee. However, the Board always has the final decision.
  7. The new TF pays the membership fee, is enlisted and receives the certificate from the International Board.
  Grandfather Clause (Grandparent Clause):  To acknowledge those BP Fellows who, over the years, have contributed significantly to BP through their knowledge, experience or efforts to further BP in their national chapters, a period of time has been established for these Fellows to apply for the credential of TF.  These candidates may be recommended by their national chapters, a supervising TF or by self-nomination.  The expiration of this period is May 26, 2022, three years from the adoption of these criteria by the ISBP Board.