Voice Liberation

Doris Saslavsky (Argentina)

I start teaching some techniques which enable us to feel how we use our mouth, tongue and throat to produce sound, to scream and to sing. Also working with body movement, to music and rhythm.

My purpose is to realize that singing is a possibility (different from screaming) to contact and express our emotions.

When you sing the vibration of your own voice opens other neural webs, related to infant memories of mother or father singing lullabies, also opening energies around the heart and the throat in a subtle way.

When you are able to sing what you feel, to sing your emotions, you are able to reach a feeling of emptiness, an emptiness which can be filled with something new, with the feeling of your own presence.

As we work in a group, singing together is a way to experience pleasure, bonding and activate the proximity system.

​I have worked from 1967 till 2007 next to Maria Adela Palcos, with the System created by Susana Milderman, at the Foundation Río Abierto in Buenos Aires. It is a holistic system where we integrate the body work with the emotions with expressive and energy movement, and massage where the intention is that the person can express the emotional contents of the blockages, with the objective of enlarging the conscience in all the planes: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual.

Since 1977 I have been in charge of the teaching of the System in the Courses of Formation of Instructors, in the Courses for Foreigners and in Courses on diverse topics as Breathing, Liberation of the Voice, and Massages.


  • Continuous in the same institution where I work.
  • Psycho dramatist, in the “Sociedad Argentina de Psicodrama” (three years)
  • Two years course on “Energy Therapies”
  • Vocalization classes and singing with several professors.
  • Participation in choirs, of camera and symphonic.
  • Certified Facilitator in Holotropic Breathwork.
  • Up to now different Workshops of Bonding Therapy, starting in Belluno, Italy in February 2003, continuing in Argentina with Martien Kooyman, Ingemar Arn, Godehard Stadmuller, and Silvia García.