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Belluno, Emotional Therapy World Capital

1-3 october 2021

22nd International Society for Bonding Psychotherapy Conference (ISBP)

Specialists from all over the world rejoice, for the second time, in Belluno, to talk, from a scientist’s approach, about how emotional communication benefits interpersonal relationships and energizes the brain.
Emotions renew relations, sedated by the virus; it relaxes and creates intimacy and a sense of belonging. And so Belluno becomes, again, the world capital of emotions…

Bonding Psychotherapy: 50 years of history and a look to the future!

Are you an enthusiastic about mental health, human behaviour and how the way we relate with others influence our mind and actions?

So you need to know more about bonding psychotherapy, one of oldest and and most effective therapies. If you are phsychiatrist, pshycologist, nurse, social worker or other one who works and care about people this training is ideal for you.

As many of you know that the actual physical meeting for the Board that was going to be in Belluno, Italy has been canceled because of the coronavirus pandemic. The ExCo met and decided that we would schedule zoom meetings for June 20, 2020 and June 21, 2020. Each day we would meet at 10 AM Eastern standard time in the United States and Argentina. That would be 3 PM in Portugal and 4 PM in Germany. We anticipate that each of these meetings will be three hours long in duration. We are also aware of concerns of some people regarding the use of zoom meetings. We have decided to move forward since our experiences with zoom have been positive and we have a secure account through ISBP.